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It Is Who I Am.


Last night just before getting ready for bed I wrote a status update on FB that got me to thinking.

About ME.

I am the best possible version of me that I can be. I wake up each morning and I start my day with (literally) a song on my lips. I sing a song, I hum a tune, I voice my thoughts; whichever the case; it is a song of love to God. I am grateful. It is who I am.

Did I start out that way? I wish I could say that I was born with a smile on my lips; maybe I was? But that aside, no I was not one of those forever happy people all my life. But I got happy. As I turned 40 I realized my life needed to change. Actually it happened more around 38. But anyway, it happened and that is the point. I had no idea what kind of change that would be, I didn’t know what it would look like, but as time passed and I read and listened to spiritual based books and podcasts ( I devoured these types of media for years…still do) things did begin to change.

And I got grateful. It began with learning to forgive and turned into gratitude real quick. The funny thing is it all started with the two most powerful words out there….”thank you”   I said it, every morning, whether I felt it or not and that simple act changed my life my …. forever.

It’s been 7 years since I truly put that practice into place….and I am who I am. Today I make no apologies for who I am, yet sometimes people get mad or irritated by my outlook on life. Isn’t that funny? People get mad at me for being happy and positive.  Why? Well sometimes they claim I am not who I say I am and sometimes they say that I am unrealistic, not living in reality, burying my head in the sand. Whichever the case all I can say is ” It is Who I Am” and I love me.

I do no harm.

Will I run across people who will say I do harm because they feel inferior (not my doing) or because they are so angry they can’t see love but only adversary? Yes, I will always run into those types of people, and so will you, it is what it is. I am who I am. And I am happy, grateful, joyful, and feel loved, always.

And above all else I will continue to ask God- “Whats next? Where do YOU want me today? How may I serve?”  And that makes me happy beyond measure. And I will not let anyone steal that feeling away from me.

I pray for everyone to feel this way.


Your Holy Grail….


The Holy Grail, according to Indiana Jones :) is an ancient chalice which carries with it much importance, so much so that he was willing to risk his life, and the lives of others, to find it!

With that thought in mind I think that we all have a Holy Grail that we are chasing! Or should be chasing! What I mean to say is; what is the one thing in life that you would die for? What is that thing that you are willing to die trying to do ( seek until your dying breath?)

I am sure for some people their Holy Grail is money, success, love….etc…..  I started wondering what my Holy Grail is.

I realized that I started the search for my Holy Grail in 2007, April 12th to be exact! That is the day my husband and I moved to Florida. We thought we were leaving for a better job for him, but later learned it was to start my quest for the (my) Holy Grail! I seek wisdom, knowledge, what sort of knowledge? I seek a deep knowledge, a knowing of God and what it is He wants of me. My Holy Grail, that which I have chased now for 7 solid years without fail….is the knowledge of how I will help others. My quest is to learn to serve and honor Him.

I have taken many turns on this journey, many turns which I believe are all leading to the same place…..my Holy Grail! I am closer than ever! I can feel it. And He whispers in my ear every night to keep on searching! Do not give up! Never give up!

And so I don’t.  And I won’t.

So what is your Holy Grail?


The First Step…..



Always gratitude …..
Forgiveness will come…. Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for even those who wronged you. It is hard… In the beginning, but take a deep breath and push through it. And be grateful.
At the sunrise; be grateful. At the sunset; be grateful. Before you know it the forgiveness will come. It will fall off you like a second skin… An old skin that needs to be shed… Bringing forth this beautiful skin that doesn’t hold the scars of pain and hurt any longer.
Be patient…. It will come. Face the day with a grateful heart.
Love always~Christine