Should It Matter?


Each day as I wake up I thank God and I express love. I feel this opens my door for the day. Opens it to welcome in all good things that may come. All good things that will flow to me- in the abundance that God wants it to and wills it too. A few years ago this was still something that I had to work at; it did not come naturally to me. Today though the words are said almost before I am awake.

Why am I telling you this? Well truth is if you follow my blog you already know this about me! But today I am mentioning it to set the stage for what happened the other day.

Being that I awake each day allowing for all good things to come to me, and filled with the love that God has directed me to have for others, it is probably no huge surprise what took place the other day; the surprise is what happened after.

And this is what I want to know- from you.

After reading this story…… let me know: if you had known before hand (what I’m going to tell you) would it have made a difference to you? Should it have mattered to what you would have done in that situation? you have the questions; now let me tell you what happened.

I will keep this short, there is no need for names or specifics,just enough to get the drift, so you can give an answer.

I was in the post office and a lady came in to get her mail. She, right from the start, was asking the clerk if she was going to be allowed to get her mail. I couldn’t help but hear everything going on; since it is a small post office and we were standing side by side.  This conversation went on for a few minutes, the lady asking if she could get her mail and the clerk saying she couldn’t allow her to because she owed money. The lady was upset. She pointed out she has to be able to get the bills (from the mail) or her situation would become even worse than it already was.  After it became clear that the lady was going to have to leave, without her mail, I stepped in. I apologized right from the start, explaining I did not want to embarrass or upset anyone, but that I would be happy to pay the balance so this lady could have her mail. The lady did not want to take it but I insisted…the clerk was visibly bothered by the whole thing and asked us to keep her out of it. I assured her this had nothing to do with her and we both assured her, at separate times, that we knew she was only doing her job.

OK…..enough about that. Yes the lady was appreciative. She had tears in her eyes as she said she heard of people who would do things like this (but never witnessed it). We said Merry Christmas and I asked for a hug, which she readily gave! :)

The lady leaves with words of gratitude on her lips as she exits the room. Not 30 seconds after she left the clerk started telling me how she could not feel sorry for the lady. She proceeds to tell me why. Bottom line…..she obviously felt I made a mistake paying this woman s bill.

So there you have it.  Should it have mattered? Would you have not paid the bill if you had known the circumstances? (the circumstances had nothing to do with anything immoral or bad).

Should we base our kindness (RAK) on if a person may deserve it (in our opinion) or not?

Just so you know; it made not a hoot of a difference to me!

I would love your opinion!


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8 thoughts on “Should It Matter?

  1. Everyone matters and what you did was the only humane thing to do. The clerk is jaded providing a sad demonstration of using bureaucracy as a means of punishment. Humanity has lost its balance in politics and lost its way. Everyone needs a helping hand now and again (circumstances aside). Karma has it that at her first opportunity she will pass it along – I hope. Well done – Happy Christmas!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting.
      And for your encouraging words.
      I agree with you. As a matter of fact, the lady mentioned the exact phrase “pay it forward” when she said she had heard of things like this. :)

      Happy Christmas to you too!

  2. I would have done the same thing. No matter what caused the financial situation the lady was in, it doesn’t matter. We are supposed to make our decisions based on what Jesus would have done and He would certainly have paid her bill. Many people in this world don’t have the concept of what it is to be Godly and this is really sad. You most likely made a very positive influence on this lady and it may help her move forward in life. The clerk didn’t seem to be happy with your decision but you might have also affected her in a positive way after she thinks about what happened. I’m sure God is saying: “Well done good and faithful servant”.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting.
      And for your encouraging words.
      I agree with you. As a matter of fact, the lady mentioned the exact phrase “pay it forward” when she said she had heard of things like this. :)

      Happy Christmas to you too!

  3. I don’t think the lady’s circumstances should matter either way. When God leads me to give to the man on the side of the road with a sign, many people say, “oh, he’ll just buy booze with it”, but, I feel as long as I am led by the Spirit, then it is none of my business what happens after I give. We are planting seeds of kindness and compassion…and that is never a mistake in my book.

    • Bingo! I agree! I love all the comments this post is getting. Your comment in particular is the subject of my next post. Well my husband and I had a conversation which created the thought; but it goes along with what you said about giving to someone on the side of the road!
      Thank you go reading and commenting !

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