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“And in response to Opinionated Man, not supporting LGBTQ people is hateful, even if not intentionally. Replace gay with some other category–race, class, ability–and what you get isn’t an innocent opinion, it is bigotry.”

This is the stupidest comment said to me recently. Since when is it right for society to force us to have an opinion on everything? Saying you “don’t support something” is NOT the same thing as saying you hate someone or you don’t think they are an equal. If you think that you don’t believe in the freedom of staying apart from a subject. I am a minority, I know what hate is. Someone “not supporting Asians” because they have never encountered one or dealt with us doesn’t make them racist. That is the stupidest shit I have ever heard. That is EXACTLY what you are saying.

Must we all have a line for everything? Must we…

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Your Holy Grail….


The Holy Grail, according to Indiana Jones :) is an ancient chalice which carries with it much importance, so much so that he was willing to risk his life, and the lives of others, to find it!

With that thought in mind I think that we all have a Holy Grail that we are chasing! Or should be chasing! What I mean to say is; what is the one thing in life that you would die for? What is that thing that you are willing to die trying to do ( seek until your dying breath?)

I am sure for some people their Holy Grail is money, success, love….etc…..  I started wondering what my Holy Grail is.

I realized that I started the search for my Holy Grail in 2007, April 12th to be exact! That is the day my husband and I moved to Florida. We thought we were leaving for a better job for him, but later learned it was to start my quest for the (my) Holy Grail! I seek wisdom, knowledge, what sort of knowledge? I seek a deep knowledge, a knowing of God and what it is He wants of me. My Holy Grail, that which I have chased now for 7 solid years without fail….is the knowledge of how I will help others. My quest is to learn to serve and honor Him.

I have taken many turns on this journey, many turns which I believe are all leading to the same place…..my Holy Grail! I am closer than ever! I can feel it. And He whispers in my ear every night to keep on searching! Do not give up! Never give up!

And so I don’t.  And I won’t.

So what is your Holy Grail?

Don’t let THEM steal your Faith…your love….Your belief!

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faithdoubtThere once was a young man who lost his father very suddenly and tragically. He was in pain beyond reason. He had nowhere and nobody to turn to. The Sunday following his fathers passing he decided to go to the church down the street from the house he rented. He had never been to this church and he had not been inside a church since he was a boy. He had never had a relationship with God; he was not even sure he believed in a “god” ??   But he decided to give it a try because he didn’t know where else to go.

He walked into the church; he had always been told the people at this church were some of the nicest people you could meet, so he was hopeful as he stepped into the sanctuary that he would feel welcomed and that he may find some strength…

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